Children’s Live Podcast

Join Milani Sepuru where she will present her podcast, featuring the characters Lokshin Dogs.

Ages: 4 – 8 years

Featured Books:

1. Lokshin Dogs Colouring Book (100 Pages)
Explore the vibrant world of Meadowlands, Soweto, through intricate illustrations. Each page, from bustling markets to mystical encounters, is a canvas waiting to be brought to life.

2. Lokshin Dogs Daisy and Spotti Activity Books (50 Pages Each)
Join Daisy and Spotti on adventures filled with puzzles, mazes, and word searches. These activity books stimulate young minds and foster creativity, inviting children to participate in the whimsical world of Lokshin Dogs.

Jess Robus

Featured Book:

– Few Slivers of Light
A beautifully written collection of poetry that reflects a teenager’s journey with anxiety and depression. Jess Robus hopes to inspire other teens and young adults to speak up about their struggles and to reach parents who might have children experiencing these challenges.

Refiloe Moahloli

Featured Books:

1. A Friend for All Seasons
A new family has moved in next door, and Vuyo observes them from his window. The mom is dancing, the dad is laughing, the dog keeps wagging its tail, but why does the little girl look sad? This lyrical book about friendship and kindness encourages young children to accept and support others. It is also available in isiZulu, isiXhosa, Sepedi, and Afrikaans.

2. Yes Yanga’, You are Loved
Athandwa’s heart is different; it sings. Initially, she is scared and wonders why she is different from her family and friends. When she tries to silence her heart, she discovers a secret and a special song known to Mama, Gogo, and Koko. This story celebrates the uniqueness of individuals and the intergenerational love that lifts and protects us.

Sunday Fest

A Day of Music and Marimbas

Join us for SundayFest, one of RedFest’s most popular events, featuring a not-to-be-missed Marimba Festival with top schools from Johannesburg participating. The day continues with music by Jesse Clegg and Zolani Mahola (best known for her time with Freshly Ground). The Village on Oval is the ideal destination for a family day out or holding venue between theatre shows. There’s no better way to spend a Sunday than with fantastic food and entertainment at RedFest!

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Saturday Fest

A Day of Music and Excitement

Enjoy a magnificent day in the winter sun during SATURDAYFEST with the music of one of our favorite feel-good bands, Runaway Train Cult. Our evening lineup begins with a Battle of the Bands, followed by the sensational Mzansi Youth Choir and Lady Zamar. Enjoy your food under the fairy lights with a full view of the stage. The Village on Oval is the ideal destination for a family day out or holding venue between theatre shows. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience!

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Friday Fest

An Evening Under The Fairy Lights

The FRIDAYFEST lineup will showcase the talents of up-and-coming artists Bianca Blanc and Will Rayz, followed by the legendary Watershed, including a live performance of their brand new single. FRIDAYFEST offers an ideal evening of fantastic entertainment, delectable food, and unique shopping. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience!

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